Monday, September 29, 2014

Trezagah From Mozambique

Trezagah, Age: 31

Hip hop singer Trezagah studied Civil Engineering. He doesn't have a favourite food, because he says he loves eating and "I eat everything!" The classic Hardy Boys books are his favourite, while he enjoys the Discovery and National Geographic channels on TV because he likes to "watch crocodiles and sharks attacking".

Trezagah was inspired to enter Big Brother Hotshots by watching previous seasons. He is both happy and nervous at the thought of having the continent's eyes on him. He says the best thing about Africa is "the culture each country preserves" and says his favourite place in Mozambique is Yofo Beach. He likes the Caribbean Islands because he's a great fan of nature.

His role model is Jay-Z, "because he knows how to dress, how to be on stage, how to behave and has good business control". His parents have played an incredibly influential role in his life because they always showed him what was right and what was wrong.

He describes himself as "happy, active, wise, serious and calm" and says the best thing about himself is the way he treats people indiscriminately, saying he can "be a friend of a poor person or even a person that sleeps on the street".

Trezagah is convinced that his constant happiness and playful mood will excite his housemates. He admits though, that he can also be reserved at times, which could rub them the wrong way.

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