Monday, October 27, 2014

100% For Stomping Task

Housemates have gone all in and wagered 100% for the "Stomp" dance performance piece that they are tasked with creating this week.

Taken from "Stomp the Yard" the hit movie about "stepping" battles between rival college fraternities and sororities, stomping was a form of contemporary dance steeped in percussive movement characterised by expressive, heavy and sometimes aggressive movement and motion. It was essentially the use of the body as an instrument, the use of it more as a drum.

The "Stomping" equivalent in some parts of the African continent was a variation of Gum Boot dancing which was also based in a creating a rhythm and melody based in percussion; once again using the body as an instrument.

The housemates, however, are to stomp with each other and not against one another. They are to use song, dance, rap and writing to craft a Stomp dance performance and work towards a unified presentation.

To be the ultimate "Stompers" housemates have to write a group song, learn how to harmonise and choreograph a dance performance to present on Wednesday night. Biggie will provide props and materials with which to create musical instruments to be employed into the final presentation.  

With most of the housemates raising their hands and hopes for 100% returns in a 100% wager Mr. 265 once again suggested they throw caution at the wind because he wasn't always sure of their discipline levels. JJ, weighing in as the new leader insisted that it was for this very reason that they should step it up and encourage each other to put in the work.

After all his own words "humble beginnings will give you humble endings."

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