Sunday, October 05, 2014

60 Seconds In The Spotlight For Each Housemate

Big Brother Africa Season 9 of  has kicked off and it seems sticking with Biggie is bound to make the housemates famous!

Fame is the name of the game this season as Big Brother donned his director's hat for Africa's next Hotshot in Big Brother Hotshots. However, if the housemates wished to be famous, for Biggie, only talent would do.

What better than a talent show to showcase talent? Here's how it will play out; the housemates have 60 seconds in the spotlight with a performance the studio audience will rate form one to a hundred percent. Big Brother will then tally the percentage scores to reveal which one of the Hotshots they believe to be the most talented.

The housemates, excited, nervous and a bundle of emotions after weeks of awaiting the start of their journey into stardom, are invited to the take to the stage and make it theirs. In a bid to win the hearts and votes of the studio audience a talent show was arranged in which housemates have to sing, dance and perform for their lives.

With only a minute to impress the studio audience housemates have to come out hungry for success - clad in colourful costumes, sleek in sequence and pearls, the works!

So far, Sabina is top of the leaderboard with 78.3 percent, JJ 72.6 percent, Mam Bea 72.5 percent.

With the diverse talent on display tonight, which housemate do you think will become the ultimate hotshot?

Update: Laveda was the winner at 85% followed by Sabina 78.3%, M'am Bea 72.5%, Arthur 77.5%, JJ 72.6%, M'am Bea 72.5% and Lilian 69.4%.