Thursday, October 09, 2014

A Divided House?

Today Big Brother unleashed another task for the hotshots - an extravaganza piece to be performed on Saturday night. After a successful night of individual performances yesterday (which Big Brother was clearly impressed with), Biggie is perhaps keen to see how well these Hotshots can perform within a group. Will they be able to coordinate their talents and ego’s to allow a single spotlight to be claimed by a group?

In the diary session today, some housemates expressed how this new task has only served to divide the house. Samantha shared with Biggie that there was a bit of conflict with the splitting of the groups and added that housemates just needed to maintain respect for one another even as they were in a bid to outshine one another.

Laveda, whom some of the housemates scoff for picking all the musically-talented housemates, notes that her fellow housemates have only just begun to play the game as they work hard at proving themselves as the real hotshots.

Butterphly admitted to Biggie that the task had divided the Hotshots and that from the moment the two teams were distinguished, the atmosphere got weird in the house. Luis reiterated Butterphly's words and added that there was so much tension in the house such that teams had started cooking for themselves.

Ellah observed that as a result of the task, there was so much pressure in the house and added that she loved her team. With the situation having being changed by the task, Alusa told Biggie that he anticipated some arguments between the two competing teams.

What is your take on how the teams were divided? Will tensions escalate as the extravaganza draws closer?


  1. wow biggie i luv the tension it keeps the game nicer

  2. The Hoh is dull in a way, u don't pick almost same talents in a group u blend that so called talented group is headed for destruction come sunday I tell u.