Friday, October 24, 2014

Absolute Drunkenness

The Friday night party that Big Brother organised for the housemates had everyone hotshot in good spirits. DJ Izzy got everyone on the dance floor and Pernod Ricard made sure that each had a drink in hand. Some housemates had a little too much of the "Absolut vodka" and the end of the party revealed how intoxicated some were. Sipe and especially Laveda were clearly a little too intoxicated as their emotions shot through the roof.

After the party, Laveda clung on to Tayo and focused on the camera, screaming that she loved Tayo and was sending a shout out to Nigeria. The screams resembled a proper tantrum and one could have mistaken her happy rant for a fight with Tayo.

On the other hand, Sipe was very upset at someone having taken her drink. She angrily screamed at the house, asking who had taken a drink. Macky2 came over to try to calm her down but to no avail. She quickly let go of her lost drink and started drinking water – which was probably a good idea since she probably needed to sober up.

Kacey Moore spent time with his "little sister" (Ellah) and spoke about the evening and evictions. Kacey Moore did not at all behave like the "big daddy" that he goes around portraying and his closeness with Ellah certainly did not resemble that of a brother and sister. Kacey Moore behaved suspiciously at the party as he got close and personal with some of the ladies and we wonder if his wife was laughing as she watched him or became otherwise insecure.

On a less suspicious note, the mood in the house continued to be happy as JJ started break-dancing and some housemates joined him. In no time, more than half of the housemates were in the Jacuzzi. It looked like the hotshots were having a good time.

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