Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Africa, Your Time Is Now

Announcing the presentation everyone was so looking forward to, Alusa leapt on stage and got the ball rolling, acting as MC. First up was Tayo, looking super smooth in his tux. He had a go at motivational speaking sharing the encouragement and powerful faith his parents provided him as a child. Swept away by emotion, he forgot to introduce Macky2 who created an incredible rap song entitled Africa, Your Time Is Now. Butterphly came alive in front of the mike, "taking a peek into the lives of the housemates off the stage."

Arthur got on stage trying to get his housemates to chuckle at his stand-up routine, bringing the topic of Biggie and the diary room sessions into the mix, which the housemates enjoyed, because who could relate better? Everyone was keen to see Laveda with her saxophone, especially because it helped her win head of house. She did not disappoint, throwing in a few extra moves and a gorgeous costume.

Luis, taking over MC duties, announced his fellow countryman Permithias, who amped up the mood before reading a poem, red rose in hand.  Beauty queen Ellah graced the stage next, singing a gentle tune. Sharing strong emotion was a common thread running through the presentation, and Mira brought this across with colour and emotion, blossoming as she recovered from her shyness and stage fright.

Goitse rocked her outfit as she swaggered across stage; and Nhlanhla swung from creative expression to motivational speaking, before announcing Sabina who showed off her acting skills. She raced through a gamut of emotion, showing a completely different side to her comedic skill-set.

Coming on with radio skills was Mr. 265, who also formed part of Lilian's acting skit, a brave performance considering she had so little voice to use. Hot on the heels of her squeaky pleas, was a twerk like no other, and completely different to the first half of her performance.

Trezagah rapped in Portuguese, bringing a different flavour to the presentation; while Resa got mouths watering with a poem about food. Sipe's husky voice worked wonders for her and Esther swept up her fellow housemates in an impassioned dance dedicated to Uganda.

Bringing back the music was Sheillah with a song of her own, before JJ's powerful voice took over as MC. Frankie, looking sharp in a blue and white suit, shared a little something about himself before picking up the pace with drumming beats.

Samantha mixed poetry and song, before Idris came on stage sporting a different hairstyle and a pair of oversized glasses. He got his housemates giggling and clapping, before he started stepping on toes with a few personal remarks.

Displaying her creative skills, M'am Bea went all out with a fashion show, giving the housemates a chance to razzle and dazzle the audience in beautiful ensembles. The show wound to a close with Kacey Moore's song against xenophobia. The theme of African unity was carried through as the housemates all performed together on stage before JJ closed the show. 

Finally, the big moment had arrived. The show was over and Big Brother called the housemates together for the final result. He did not keep them in suspense for long and, impressed with their confidence and courage in betting 100% of their wager and displaying a range of skills, he announced they had won – a result met with jubilant cheering.  After all the fuss and bother, Biggie enjoyed the show, along with the rest of Africa.


  1. After listening to u my brother i cry yes Africa lets stop xenophobia one love one blood kacey,we are brothers and sisters

  2. Macky2 for Life


  4. enjoying kacey and the beautiful mbea.well done

  5. Macky 2 was on point seriously

  6. Marky 2..u r real man