Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Alusa and Samantha Spark A Conversation

As the housemates settled in for the day, Alusa and Samantha sparked a conversation about heritage and family history. They immersed themselves in the topic, particularly Samantha who talked with enthusiasm about her lineage, and then delved into travel, recounting her trip to Israel. This brought up the topic of an ex-boyfriend, and Alusa established, and was amazed, that she is single. Clearly, more than just conversational sparks were flying, as Alusa gave her his full attention.

Permithias soon joined the conversation, chatting about Namibia and the difference in size between Windhoek airport and OR Tambo airport. But all this may just have been smoke and mirrors, as he tried to cosy up to Samantha, perhaps suspicious of Alusa's feelings and intentions towards her. Is it a love triangle in the making? And what about Tayo: has Samantha forgotten him already? The way things are developing, it could be a love quadrangle!

Mira gave her two cents' worth, representing Mozambique by talking about the beauty of Maputo. Shy as first, once she got into the conversation her eagerness could not be checked and she enthused about eating magumba with absolute relish. Maybe we'll see her work miracles in the kitchen.

The only thing Idris was relishing was Mira's beauty. He remained riveted as she spoke, taking in every word and every sparkle in her eye. On the surface they may have been championing their countries and showing streaks of patriotism, but rippling beneath could be latent feelings of love.

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