Friday, October 17, 2014

Alusa Is A Year Older Today

Today is Alusa's birthday! The Kenyan gentleman turned 34 years and his housemates challenged the validity of his age as they teased him and said that he was most probably 54! There was laughter as some of the housemates enjoyed a late breakfast, teasing Alusa right through it. He did not take offence at the teasing as he laughed along with the Hotshots.

JJ began by saying that he would not be spending much time with Alusa and when Lilian fished for the reason behind his decision, he said that it was because the birthday boy was aging and did not want his aging to rub off him. He jokingly said that Alusa would sometimes forget his name and Idris made a hilarious demonstration of how he would get names mixed up. The table erupted with laughter!

Tayo moved in to acknowledge Alusa's birthday and screamed in his ear as Idris made fun of him, saying that he could not hear him. More laughter was heard and soon Ellah began to sing the "Happy birthday" song for Alusa and everybody around joined in and thereafter spoiled him with hugs. Another joke followed as Idris loudly explained that they had sung him a happy birthday song.

Alusa seemed to have a fun and happy day as he continued to dig in his food. Soon after his delicious breakfast, he went over to his team to continue working on the show for tomorrow. The man is clearly focused and on track. What do you think of him?


  1. definately my nigga is coming with the dollars back home....#Team Alusa #team kenya!!!

  2. Good luck Alusa. U are a strong contender

  3. Hpy bdy Allu wish u many mooooooo mwaaaaaaah gudlucky

  4. Happy birthday 🎂 Alusa

  5. Nhlanhla and Samantha you are my strong contenders , keep it there. Make South Africa proud!!!