Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Big Breakfast

The housemates seem to be forgetting their struggle for food last week. It was not long ago when they ran out of supplies due to over-eating and not sharing food. We do however hope that JJ does not slack on managing things in the house as this week's head of house but judging by how things were in the morning, JJ was relaxed and could not wait to dig in in the food that prepared.

After the morning session with Clint Brink, housemates left the lounge area – some going to shower and others went to find something to eat in the kitchen. Idris and Mr. 265 made themselves bowls of cornflakes and munched away. Kacey Moore was soon on the stove, cooking up breakfast for himself and a couple of people that were nearby to have a serving of what he had made. It had looked like he was preparing breakfast for the whole house but to Biggie's detriment, that was not the case. Biggie had spoken to the housemates to eat sparingly, to share food and not waste.

Not long after, Permithias was frying chunks of steak and Nhlanhla joined him to make French-fries which he clearly enjoys as he often made them. As though pulled by the aromas from the kitchen, Goitse told Sipe to hurry up and finish with her make-up so that they could go down for breakfast. As soon as they got there, they joined in on the making of breakfast, pulling out cheese out and toasting some bread. More hotshots came around the table for a hearty breakfast. Food filled the table and we hope everyone got something to eat as Kacey Moore, Arthur and Ellah were in the bedroom singing (although Kacey Moore and Arthur had had something to eat). Do you think the housemates are over-eating and wasting food again?

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  1. Biggie let them eat, atleast they will have something to miss about yo house