Friday, October 10, 2014

'Big Brother Is Watching Over Us'!

In the thick and thin of their rehearsals, with tensions fluctuating, out from the heavens poured out yet another one of Big Brother's surprises, the first ever recorded Big Brother Hotshots soundtrack.

On Sunday night after the launch show, when the new housemates were getting to know each other and each other's talents, they launched into jam session in which some housemates casually composed a song they called 'Big Brother is watching over us'.

Little did they know that Biggie was actually watching over.

This evening marked the unexpected debut of their single, played back into house for the housemates to hear themselves jamming. What a showcase of talent indeed.

Sheillah and JJ marvelled at the sound of their own voices while Lilian suitably deployed her popular talent of twerking and shimmied to the beat.

The ditty lifted moods and provided a much needed reprieve from all the tense rehearsing. It may have even injected the life back into things.

We wonder what other spectacular bag of surprises Biggie has in store for the aspiring Hotshots.