Friday, October 10, 2014

Big Talkers

Another bright and early morning for the housemates started with a session set to hone their performance skills. Dancer and choreographer Quintus Jansen arrived to help the housemates prepare for the Extravaganza.

The housemates were overwhelmed at his energy and skill, but keen to learn from him. Cheerful and patient, Quintus nevertheless kept the housemates in line, making sure they made the most of their time with him and learnt a thing or two.

As soon as Quintus left, however, the housemates scattered instead of going over what he had taught them. Big fans of big talk, they settled down to discuss what they would be doing in the show, rather than doing it. Will they impress Biggie with their Extravaganza? They've set the bar high after winning Wednesday night's task, so they have a lot to live up to and there’s plenty at stake.

Outside, Laveda's group were practising, but not having much more luck as tension rose and arguments started over direction. They managed to sort themselves out, nip the fight in the bud, and carry on rehearsing. But as the day progresses will the housemates continue working on one another's nerves as they battle for control?

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