Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Biggie's Beauty Parlour

Not prepared to mess up Biggie's beautiful house, the cleaning started soon after the morning exercise. What better opportunity to get better acquainted, flirt and strategise than during the time spent trying to get through tedious chores?

From getting the house in order to prepping themselves for the day, the hotshots wanted to make sure they looked gorgeous. They took their time getting ready, turning the bedroom into a temporary beauty parlour. Sabina was fixated on her make-up; while Samantha became a pseudo-hairdresser, helping Kacey Moore soften his curly locks.

Despite clothes being flung about and housemates wondering what to wear, a favourite amongst them was definitely music, as the housemates started singing again.  They want Africa to know what they're capable of, and even went so far as discussing the art of putting together a Big Brother Africa launch show.

The singing escalated with a multi-lingual version of Yes Lord. Butterphly came out of her shell, singing and dancing along with the rest, while JJ took it easy, strumming on his guitar. It's certainly a tightly-knit group in the house with a great vibe throughout, brought together through a passion for performance, particularly music.

The honeymoon phase is always happy, with everyone getting along. But the closer they become, the bigger the potential for explosive confrontation when we, and the housemates, remember that this is a game and only one person can walk away with the ultimate prize.

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