Thursday, October 23, 2014

Biggie's House, Biggie's Rules

Seems like after issuing the first strikes, Housemates will start observing Bggie's rules. Arthur and Macky2 hit the sack early, while the rest of the housemates discussed Biggie and his rules in the house. Sheillah scolded Alusa for drinking milk, after he had been told to drink water. They all agreed they had to remember that it was Biggie's house and not their own.

They next decided they would wager 100% again for the next task, but that they had to work harder and humble themselves. Could this wager decision become a contentious issue, seeing as not all the housemates were present?

The musical housemates wondered whether they should compose a song to apologise to Big Brother. Funnily enough, there was plenty of food floating around, despite the wager loss and their new deal with Biggie as Samantha chomped on chips and Goitse enjoyed a sandwich.

Permithias started asking Samantha about her sisters, but she said she would never introduce him, declaring "you've moved through three women here, you think I’m going to introduce you to my baby sister?"

After an emotionally exhausting day the housemates seemed to be calling it a night, as JJ crawled into bed as well. Or perhaps he was just trying to stay close to Samantha. In the lounge, the topic veered back to food between Luis, Idris, Permithias and Nhlanhla. Now that they don't have most of their instruments, it seems like the housemates have turned to food as their solace.

Curiously, despite all their talk about it being Biggie's house and Biggie's rules, they started discussing diary sessions. Will the housemates ever learn?

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