Saturday, October 25, 2014

Bitter Revelations

Since morning, Idris has been trying to get to terms with yesterday's events and he's been going from one housemate to another trying to gather more info about his fellow Tanzanian Laveda.

After his sessions with M'am Bea and Kacey Moore who both advised him to talk to her but not to judge her, he settled outside with Samantha who clearly had some details about Laveda which Idris was surprised to find out.

Samantha shared with him that Laveda seems to be having a soft spot girls, pointing out a scenario where one of the girls hugged her and she said it felt like out of this world, getting touchy feely and all. The South African made things worse for Idris when she disclosed that Laveda was a lesbian, something that got to Idris who was surprised that he didn't know anything yet the others seem to have been filled in concluding that he was feeling like a fool.

“I'm such a failure. I should have known this earlier. I could have stopped it," he said sadly. Samantha advised: "You are the only person who can talk to her."

However, though Idris tried to express his frustration and heartbreak after last night. It really does not look like he will be letting go of his feelings for Goitse anytime soon. But while he was lamenting about his love, Goitse was talking to Alusa in the kitchen about her own emotions towards Idris.

It was a very different story from her side and it seemed clear, yet again, that his love is unrequited. Goitse told Alusa that the two of them have very different personalities and she refused to change herself for Idris. She did not want to play games with him. Suspicions about feelings for Ellah were also expressed and Goitse felt that Idris needed to figure out what he wanted and should not be running between two women.

Meanwhile, Laveda spent most of the morning in her bed probably still nursing her hangover and shying away from last night's antics, but we suppose that as soon as the chance comes, Idris will take the initiative and talk to her.

Seems like the Tanzanians have a lot to unpack, we'll watch and see!


  1. goitse is just pretending she really loves idris but feels threatened by ellah

  2. Miss know it all SAMANTHA!...This gal is dangerous!

  3. I quite agree with you, SAMANTHA is a dangerous girl and i think she is also the most sneaky hotshot