Thursday, October 30, 2014

Butterphly & Her Sleep

Our dearest Butterphly loves her sleep and you must have noticed as well! The young lady has, for the first two weeks in the house, kept to herself, quietly going about her business. She has been slowly coming out of her shell and sharing herself with the housemates and the rest of Africa. Perhaps we must thank Mr. 265 and Permithias for allowing the "sleeping angel" to share her dreams.

But where does our beautiful Butterphly vanish off to when the rest of the other housemates are up and about, busy from sunrise to sunset? Where is she when we don't see her face in morning sessions? Well, it turns out that Butterphly's secret hiding place has been in her own bed, underneath her blanket!

We had thought she went to hide in Biggie's diary room and when we didn't find her there, we checked Samantha's secret place in the garden and to our dismay, she wasn’t there either. The bedroom was our best bet and there she was, peacefully laying on her bed, enjoying her summer snooze. The lady loves her sleep! We have caught her countless times, shutting the rest of the world out and getting lost in her dreams.

And when she is not sleeping, she is bobbing her head to the sound of her lullaby (that only she can hear). Butterphly is definitely lucky to still be in the house as she doesn't consistently entertain Africa. Of lately, she has been keeping awake and getting through complete days without giving in to her weakness. But hate or love her, you will never dare come between Butterphly and her sleep!


  1. The writer shd be more objective while writing, this kinda biases africa especialy those who dnt watch 24/7

    1. thts very tru n unfair, this is like telling africa to vote her out

  2. Please dont try to put rubbish in ppl's minds. thts not what she really is and even if she sleeps a lot why do u care, js accept housemates as they are and stop de-campaigning them. Be objective when writing yo stories, nxaaaa

  3. I also didnt like the writing, especially when saying she is lucky to still be in the house...she doesnt entertain Africa....aaaaaah too bias.

  4. Butterfly is the laziest.