Monday, October 20, 2014

Butterphly, The Sleepy Head

What could conceivably be going on with the blond-haired Butterphly? The Zimbabwean radio and television presenter has been caught many times, either dozing off or fast asleep. During today's morning session with RJ Benjamin, the young lady was hardly participating as she was preoccupied with getting herself comfortable for an extra morning shift in dreamland.

Butterphly often sleeps earlier than most of the housemates and is also often the last one out of bed. She has hardly participated in morning sessions and exercises and even throughout the day, we have not witnessed her doing any exhausting hard labour. She has kept well away from the kitchen and cooking and clearly spends her time lying on her bed. But what then could it be? What exhausts her so much to keep her sleeping for so long?

Perhaps we can agree that Butterphly just loves sleeping or could it be something else? Pregnancy maybe? Whatever it is, we just hope that the beautiful Butterphly does not lose track of the game in the house as she often gets lost in her sleep. She may just want to start getting serious as a Hotshot and establish herself either in the hearts of fellow housemates or fans all over Africa.

It was good to see that she had since risen to a short conversation with Kacey Moore and then later to some guitar lessons with JJ which would hopefully keep her eyes open till lunch time.

What do you think may be the reason behind Butterphly's sleepiness?


  1. She have sleeping sickness pls biggie take her to hospital

  2. Hahaha! She is just bored stiff!!

  3. Sleep my sista,nobody fit cheat nature.