Friday, October 31, 2014

Combined Efforts

Housemates have never started working this early and this hard on their Extravaganza. After impressing Big Brother on Wednesday night with their stomp task presentation, they are keen to impress him again. The performance also has to be 30 minutes long, which makes it extra challenging for the housemates. And, of course, both teams really want to win on Saturday night so that they will be immune from evictions.

As they hashed out a story confusion reigned supreme between the members of Team A. Arguments broke out about changing the storyline, but Butterphly, who is finally emerging from her cocoon, put her foot down and said they must work together and stick to what they had worked on already. The issue seemed to hinge on which character the focus should lie. Is it possible the housemates are vying for the spotlight?  They have always pulled together great performances for the Extravaganza before. Let’s hope disagreements do not get in the way.

Team B was a little bit distracted. Perhaps they would be more energised after getting food into their bellies especially as Nhlanhla was in their team. As the rest of the housemates piled into the kitchen, breakfast was underway again. Sheillah got very upset when Kacey Moore slapped her back. He meant it as a friendly pat, but complaining of an aching back, Sheillah was not happy about it.

Back in the garden, Team A re-assembled to continue working on their story, but it led to arguments all over again and the tension was crackling. Luis and Kacey Moore came to a head with JJ, telling him people were trying to understand the storyline and he was not hearing them out. They also told him he had to let others develop ideas and that everyone should get a chance to shine in the show. Mr. 265 came in as well, giving JJ his two cents' woth. Although tempers were kept in check, an agreement could not be reached.

Do you think Team A will be able to put aside their differences and deliver a show-stopping Extravaganza?

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