Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Confusion Over Backdrops

The housemates showed further confusion about the logistics of their modern dance battle, when they were tasked with creating a backdrop for the performance. The housemates were told that each team would receive a backdrop that they must personalise using equipment Big Brother provided, and teams were told to be as creative as possible.

This aspect of the task only served to highlight the division between housemates into two teams. Even though the split into the Blue and Red Teams occurred at random, the housemates were still sour over the matter. Samantha, as Head of House, tried desperately to rally everyone's spirits, highlighting that it was still one task and important they all work together. They have wagered 100% on the task, after all.

Further angst occurred when housemates squabbled about the term "modern dance battle".  Nhlanhla said the word was being taken out of context and that it was unlike a hip hop dance-off. But once the housemates moved outside where the backdrops had been set up, opinion swayed yet again.

Their argument about dance battles and competition started all over again. Arthur became very vocal, bouncing around in frustration, saying that a dance battle did not necessarily have to be hip hop. Emotions ran so high that even Butterphly made herself heard. JJ started worrying about the cameras capturing their performance, while the rest of the housemates tried to explain that the cameras were all around and would not miss them.

These housemates were not allowing their creative juices to flow. Will it affect their task and cause them to lose the wager?

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