Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Dancing Queens

It may have started with anger and arguments, but the housemates settled their differences for the time being to throw all their energy into practising their newly-acquired dance skills. The afternoon's session had worked wonders for them. The dancing task gave all the housemates a chance to learn something new, something they expressed with joy in the diary room and was evident in their hard work.

They had calmed down since earlier fights, and were working incredibly hard to master the techniques they had been taught. The camaraderie of the first days in the house had momentarily returned.

The intense physical exercise and fresh skill set also allowed a different set of leaders to emerge. Arthur took to the dancing task like a duck to water. Leadership qualities shone through as he led his teammates through various dance moves. Samantha graciously set aside her own role as leader and carefully followed his direction.

Goitse also took extremely well to the task, helping Sipe and Esther with their backward rolls on the grass. She threw herself so passionately into the task, that she hurt her foot and Samantha had to ask Biggie for supplies to strap it, but she tossed it aside nonchalantly, sharing previous injury stories with her housemates.

Many strong personalities, including Laveda and Lilian, gelled together as they put the task at the forefront of their minds. Perhaps keeping their bodies busy helped them take their mind off other worries.

Music in the house lifted spirits as well and Africa enjoyed seeing quieter people shine in the house.

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