Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Day 3: Tears, Tears and More Tears

Day 3 in the Big Brother House and we are up for more tears. As morning broke, we saw some early risers already in conversation with each other whilst other housemates were slow in getting up. However in no time, Clint Brink walked into the house.

Clint Brink is a South Africa actor best known for his soapie roles as Shawn Jacobs in Backstage, as Bradley Paulse in Generations and as Tino Martins in Scandal! Upon entering the house, he engaged the few housemates that were in the kitchen and the lounge. He revealed that having begun working at the age of 15 years, he has been in the performing arts industry for over 12 years.

As soon as all the housemates had gathered around Clint, he told them that he was there to help guide them in so far as stage performing was concerned. He encouraged the housemates to be emotionally ready, to support each other and cautioned that anyone who would not corporate would be kindly asked to leave the room. Housemates were asked to share what they had prepared so far for their upcoming performances. And Esther was first up.

Esther got up to do a run of her traditional dance performance. Clink congratulated her for being brave and told the housemates that what is important about each of their performances is how they feel about it. Arthur confidently shared some of his jokes as a budding stand-up comedian. Clint continued to encourage housemates to respect one another and not to pre-judge themselves but to rather to exude confidence.

Rivers started flowing with Ellah's singing (backed by Kacey Moore with the guitar). Sheillah gave a soulful melody with her singing and Mira followed  to explain what she had put together in her poster. She got emotional after and JJ got the oceans filling with his moving song, bringing some of the housemates to tears.

The morning session was very emotional, with Sabina, Sheillah and Goitse struggling to hold their tears back. 

Will Big Brother be touched by what the housemates have in store for him in their performances and importantly, will the housemates win the wager?


  1. It was indeed an emotional morning for housemates. I bet they will win the wager. Looking forward to see my gals perform Goitse and Sheila. Make us proud gals

  2. what is even wrong with JJ??must he sing an emotional song...biggie u've to do someting o.