Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Devotion Sessions

Sabina may seem like another loud mouth in the house, often caught singing off-key and off-tune but the Kenyan TV and media personality keeps herself grounded by making provision for devotion time every day, in the mornings. Today she was joined by Ellah and later by the new 'baby-daddy', Tayo.

Before Tayo joined them, she was heard reading a Bible verse out loud to Ellah and a short discussion over what they had read and learnt followed. Just before the two could conclude the session with prayer over items they would both share, Tayo joined them and Sabina welcomed him. In true church style, she explained to the new member how her devotion sessions rolled out and told him that they would soon pray.

Sabina explained the rules of engagement and stated that they each had to share what they wanted prayer over and would then pray all at once. Ellah wanted God to bless her with wisdom, courage and strength - she wanted the courage to trust in God completely and protect their loved ones back home. Tayo asked for God to be with his new born son and his girlfriend, along with every member of his family. He asked not to be the recipient of any sorrowful news from home. He also asked God to open the hearts of Africans and have them fall in love with him and express their affection through votes.

It's funny that Tayo would expect the two ladies to pray that prayer for him alone but perhaps it's his righteous attitude that blinds him from the fact that other housemates are also vying for the same goal in terms of winning the cash prize. Sabina simply asked God for a renewal of strength because she needed it to endure the days in the house. The trio then bowed their heads and said a short prayer before moving to their groups to work on their task. We wonder if this group will get any bigger as the days go by.

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