Friday, October 24, 2014

Diaries: Extravaganza Excitement & Food Rationing

Biggie called the hotshots in the diary room on day 19 and all he was keen on finding out from the artistic bunch, is how they assessed the attitude in the house, particularly linking to the loss of the wager and the management of the food. He was also interested in finding out how housemates were feeling about the Extravaganza, the teams chosen and as well as the looming evictions.

Sheillah expressed that she felt very excited about the extravaganza as were all the hotshots. She further added that she was proud of the Head of House and that she was taken by surprise when he selected her to be a member of his team. We wonder why she was surprised as it seemed the most obvious first selection made by Nhlanhla. Asked about her feelings towards the evictions on Sunday, Sheillah said that she was not nervous and noticed that Alusa was even though he pretended not to be. Alusa simply said that prayer consoled him and was actually not too nervous.

M'am Bea said that things were organised and that housemates were trying their best to work with the changed conditions. She said that overall the change was positive as also, everyone was working hard on the Extravaganza and that although at the beginning they felt that the theme had been way out of their league, they have come up with nice stories as they understand the theme very well.

Kacey Moore said that the teams were all working together and that it wasn't just one person pulling and pushing that group. He felt better about how things were going. Kacey Moore told Biggie that he would be devastated if Ellah left but that he would just as quickly pick himself up and play on. Luis was very lively in the diary room as he was pleased about having a big role to act out. Before he left he gave a shout out to Mira and promised her a big surprise! Are the two planning on reuniting? We certainly hope the feeling is mutual with the Mozambican lass.

Overall, the hotshots were pretty pleased with the new menu that was worked out by JJ, Nhlanhla and M'am Bea, Trezagah particularly felt it would go well with this trio in charge. Kacey Moore said that he hated having cereal for breakfast as he preferred a big breakfast but quickly said that they would manage things as sacrifices needed to be made. Mr. 265 said that the menu was sustainable. For lunch they each had two pieces of meat but one wonders how sustainable that is?

Frankie was another one who was particularly not pleased by the rationing of food but understood that it was all for a good cause. It will be an interesting couple of days for the hotshots as they do their best to stick to the menu. Will they succeed? Do they have all their ducks in a row as they assured Biggie?

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