Monday, October 27, 2014

Diaries: Feeling The Pressure

In today's diary sessions, Big Brother wanted to find out from housemates how their weekend was, especially with the departure of two more housemates and the results of the extravaganza. Most of the hotshots were surprised by Alusa's early exit and the losing team was evidently unhappy about their loss and especially, being up for nominations. Biggie also wanted to find out how housemates felt about their new Head of House, JJ, and the general feel was positive and hopeful for a good week. However, Samantha and Sheillah presented Biggie with the saddest of faces.

Samantha recalled the party, the after party, events of the Jacuzzi as some of the weekend highlights. She soon told Biggie that she felt emotionally drained after the weekend and was particularly upset at having lost the Extravaganza. She was very unhappy about being in the losing team, third time in a row. She said that she had been trying to remind herself that she was in a game and that although it was difficult not to get emotional about some things and losing people, she was feeling a whole lot better today. She told Biggy that she was devasted by Alusa's departure as they had gotten close and that she had been physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted!

Next was Sheillah who told Biggie she was fine but certainly didn't look it. Her biggest highlight from the weekend was the deejay from Botswana whom she said she was friends with and that generally it was good to see somebody from back home as it ushered in feelings of relief. She also told Biggie that the events of the past weekend had reminded her that she was representing her country and needed to make her people proud. When Biggie asked about her relationship with Goitse, she said that they got along fine and often checked on each other as people from the same country. Asked about last night, she said that everything came as a surprise as it made her stop to consider what Africa favours or dislikes in housemates. 

Sheillah said that she felt the pressure of being in the house, especially after losing the Extravaganza and being up for nominations but she promised to take each day as it came and to keep herself composed. She said that it was hard to imagine who JJ would put up for nominations and was excited to see the results of who would be up for evictions. We wonder if Sheillah is really excited or anxious to find out if she will be one of the unlucky housemates. Only time will tell.

Overall, housemates were pleased to have another week in the house and Butterphly was especially happy about JJ being the new Head of House as she believed he had calmed down over the past week and Idris praised JJ for being "an all-able" hotshot who excelled in cooking, dancing, and  much more. We are indeed up for an interesting week in the house, what do you anticipate will be the most interesting element to watch out for in the house?

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