Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Diaries: Getting Used To The Game

When housemates arrived inside the house they left their minds at the door. It was either this or something close to it because walking in some of them were sure they it was vacation time. Little did they know that although they would like it to be a vacation they were really stepping into Biggie's game and for Biggie's game, it was Biggie's rules.

Consistency was important to Biggie. It was also key for housemates to conduct themselves in a way that was not disruptive to others, they was to be no destructive and wasteful behaviour and most certainly no violence in any shape or form.

Biggie was the best Big Brother in the whole wide world but for the above he had zero tolerance.

Inside the diary room he raised these issues with the housemates. He asked them to weigh in on Idris' punishment, their wager loss not so long ago, their poor management of the food in the house and finally the hallowed rule book.

Arthur said that housemates were familiarising themselves with the rule book and learning a lesson about control in the process. After Idris' punishment as well as M'am Bea and Samantha's receiving the first strikes of the season, Arthur said that housemates were taking special care.

Tayo, also prone to flair of temper was glad he apologised to housemates as he believed that saved him from Biggie's iron fist.

Permithias, however, was learning that JJ was one super controlling Head of House. Some of us saw this coming but Permithias does not like it one bit. He laced lyrical about how his friend JJ was gaining enemies rather than friends because of his micro-managing leadership style. He also added that people were starting to compare him to Nhlanhla, who he said was a mile better.

This week's nominations were also a surprise to Nhlanhla who escaped the dreaded list yet again. Mr.265 didn’t however but was confident that he'd make it to the other side.

When Kacey Moore walked into the diary room we could help but notice he was covered with lipstick kisses. He mentioned that M'am Bea was responsible and that they were getting to grips with the Stomp dance task.

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