Monday, October 20, 2014

Diaries: To Trust Or Not To Trust

Big Brother raised the subject of trust during the remaining diary sessions, which also brought up the so-called romantic relationships in the house.

Samantha thinks Sheillah and Nhlanhla are quite serious and that a relationship outside the house is probable. She was feeling down after the evictions, telling Big Brother that you can’t go through the show without making friends. She was also tired of losing the extravaganza.

Kacey Moore was happy to be rid of Lilian’s swearing, and when questioned by Biggie about trust he said he trusted everybody and nobody. He explained that he would trust anyone until they gave him a reason not to.

Idris surprised everyone by calling Goitse out as a fake. He said she was taking of advantage him and everything must be done on her terms. When it came to trust, he named Alusa. Goitse, meanwhile, said her relationship with Idris was not going to affect her game plan. She said they don’t talk as much anymore, and are taking every day as it comes.

As far as game plans go, Ellah told Biggie she was going to continue being herself, because it had worked so far. She said she trusted Kacey Moore, Alusa, Idris and M’am Bea. However, Mr. 265 was difficult to read, as well as Macky2; and although she thought Nhlanhla was great, she still saw him as someone who is “diabolical and smart.” In the house, she said, everyone was eating, breathing and showering paranoia.

According to Arthur, the dynamics of the game had changed, because there are now an uneven amount of housemates, which might affect the extravaganza. Sipe was quick to tell Biggie that she did not trust anyone.

On a brighter note, Alusa thanked Big Brother for his birthday cake. Macky2 was happy that his game plan was working and that he had been part of the winning extravaganza team twice. Despite the happy notes here and there the game is changing more and more and housemates may need to start watching their backs.


  1. Thank God that idris eyes are now open to see that Goites is just playing with his emotions.