Monday, October 06, 2014

Diary Sessions: All Pleased With Laveda's HoH Win

In the first round of today's diary sessions with Biggie, there was a general consensus between the 11 housemates, that Laveda deserved her win of becoming the Head of House. They all agree that she is talented and shared an unanticipated skill.

Big Brother was interested in specifically finding out how the housemates have been settling in and feeling about the house. He was also interested in knowing who individual housemates were developing friendly relations with.

First up in the diary room was the saxophonist herself, Laveda. She admitted to Biggie that she was feeling overwhelmed by her responsibilities but quickly added, "in a good way". Sipe shared that her and Resa were getting close and had clicked yesterday when they met. She also told Biggie that she was disappointed with the 54% that the audience awarded her for her performance.

Sheillah said that she was thrilled about being in the house. She told Biggie that she finds it easier to relate with Tayo as he is as free-spirited as she is. She also shared that she hopes the Big Brother experience will give her a life in the spotlight. Tayo was next and easily exclaimed that he believes he couldn't have done any better on the launch show. He said he likes the vibe that they share with Ester and is also happy with all the housemates.

Permithias revealed that he could have done better in his performance. He told Biggie about the "Summer Jam Boy Band" which is made up of himself, JJ and Kacey Moore. They all play guitar and jam. Mira told Biggie that Africa must not mistake her for a shy girl. She said that she was just very nervous during her performance last night.

Luis said that being in the house felt different and that he is happy about the new experience of being amongst animated and talented people. He told Biggie that he loved it even though he feels out of his zone. Esther told Biggie that she was disappointed in herself as she had hoped to receive 90% from the audience rating.

Lillian wishes that she had chosen to present something different. She told Biggie that she is getting close with Luis for no specified reason. Big Brother responded with, "Mhh, we will wait and see". Mr. 265 followed Lillian into the diary room and sat down to let Biggie know that he believes to have given the audience something different that Africa was not expecting and went on to appreciate Biggie for the comfortable and beautiful house. He said that he has recently become close with Ellah since she has fallen sick and has discovered that they click.

Sabina made it clear to Biggie that she wasn't in the house to blend in; she said that she was there to stand out. Nothing less.

How do you feel about what the housemates shared with Biggie in their diary sessions? Do you agree with the general consensus around Laveda's win?

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