Thursday, October 16, 2014

Diary Sessions: Day 11

Emotions are quite a roller coaster ride in the house today with some housemates high on their wager win and others low over looming evictions on Sunday. The mixed emotions were carried into the Diary Room with housemates revealing their hopes, dreams and tensions in the house.

Always starting and ending things off on a high was Alusa, who, while on cloud nine after winning the wager also hopes the tensions amongst some doesn’t affect morale around Extravaganza rehearsals.

As aspiring Hotshots, many of the housemates dreamed of a big break and for most winning the loot at the end would be it. Winning Big Brother Hotshots would not only mean money in the bank but it would also expose them to a world of opportunity to grow their careers. Staying inside the game was no small feat for these hopefuls.

Most housemates reported on the tensions going on inside the house with a number of altercations creeping out of the woodwork.

When her turn came, Sipe wasted no time and title-told on Idris for calling her a gold digger – something which she categorically is not she asserted. She was rightly upset at Idris for how often judged her when he didn’t even know her. She called him out on it.

On his side Idris said he meant no harm by it. But he was more concerned, as he would, about Goitse's reaction about it – being close to Sipe - and later, her attitude towards him.  It was becoming quite apparent that Goitse's were the only feelings that mattered in this love-sick lad's world.

Still on the subject of Goidris, Biggie weighed in on their situation in the Idris' Diary session. He recommended that Idris consider letting things be and perhaps taking a seat back. This after Idris complained about his lack of control over a stubborn Goitse but swore to keep barking up her tree because, he concluded, "she's worth it."

Going back to tensions in the house; the mishap between Laveda and Permithias left Butterphly feeling bad for taking part in the gossip about them. Blame it on a foot-in-mouth question, but Permiathias seemed to have been stringing Laveda along while pursuing an interest in Sabina. So went the rumours.

Laveda and Permithias were not impressed with gossip and being up for possible eviction on Sunday, didn't help the situation either. In his Diary session Permithias revealed to Biggie he believed that there were many hidden agenda’s mulling under the radar while Laveda expressed how upset she was by people's uninformed opinions about her.

Permithias also told Biggie that he wasn't buying Tayo’s public apology.

Butterphly also had something she found to be awkward to report. It seemed Mr. 265 was making moves on her. Although she wasn't feeling the flirting and the forced whispers-of-sweet-nothings she struggled to tell him without teetering on laughter.

JJ and Kacey Moore also weighed in on the Permithias and Laveda dilemma and reveal that they would have handled the situation differently.

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