Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Diary Sessions: Geared Up For A Win!

The housemates are happy and excited about presenting their task tonight. All housemates are confident that they will win the wager and are looking forward to putting up a good show.

It looks like they are indeed prepared as their outfits have been arranged and are now doing their final touches. Their mood may have been dampened by the drama of yesterday which saw Tayo and JJ in a hectic confrontation. But seeming Tayo's endless tears and apologies reiterated in the diary room, have washed away all the tension in the house.

The housemates told Biggie in the diary room that they were relieved by Tayo's apology as it made things better and allowed for a less tense and unhappy day. Even Laveda graced Biggie with a big smile and told him that she was feeling good and happy and was as confident that the 'modern dance' task would go well.

Sheillah was not feeling much too well as she suffered from cramps but was still certain that they would pull it off. With all the drama of the night before, things seem as though they are indeed moving along as the housemates would have them. When Tayo spoke with Biggie, he once again wept and asked for Africa to forgive him for coming off as a bully and making the other housemates unhappy. The apology went on for a minute, detailed with tears.

All that matters is that the housemates are happy and confident about their task. It will be interesting to see how they perform and what Biggie will think of their performance. Will they win their second 100% wager?

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