Friday, October 17, 2014

Diary Sessions: In Party Mood!

Housemates told biggie that they were looking forward to the weekend and could not wait to party! In the diary sessions today, Biggie was interested in finding out how housemates were doing and what their plans were for the weekend.

Idris told Biggie that in remembering what he was in the Big Brother house for, he would be putting pressure on himself on the weekend in getting to know himself better in order to play the game better. Goitse said that her weekend plans were to have fun and more fun!

Ellah clearly told Biggie that her plans were to party hard as she was feeling very energised. Birthday boy Alusa assured Biggie that he had a surprise for him for the weekend and he would have to wait to see it. Sheillah hoped for a great party in which she would get out all her negative emotions. Sipe said that she was looking forward to the Friday night party, especially because it was Alusa's birthday.

On a less of a party mood, Trezagah said that his weekend plans involved cleaning the Jacuzzi and spending his day in it, should the sun be out. Mr.265 said whether Biggie would have a party for them or not, he would definitely have a good time with birthday boy, Alusa. JJ said that he would have fun on Friday night and hoped that Africa kept him in the house for the coming week.

All housemates were in high spirits concerning the Extravaganza and looked forward to a pleasant weekend.

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