Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Diary Sessions: On The Edge

In their diary sessions today, housemates vented their frustration about their Head of House, JJ, and were worried about their task, but the mood was positive nevertheless.

Trezagah told Biggie that he was feeling good. He now realised if he went to bed early and did not drink, he was able to wake up bright and early. Idris was frustrated, but coming to terms with his lack of a relationship with Goitse. He told Biggie they were not on each other's levels and perhaps she was unable to handle him. As far as Samantha was concerned, he reckoned she had friend-zoned JJ, and Idris had decided not to end his own relationship with her. Perhaps there is something between the pair.

The game was still on housemates' minds as Samantha discussed her relationship with JJ. She thought his approach had been purely strategy, but she now thought his feelings were real – although she suspected he was angry with her today. However, she was getting closer to Idris, because he made her laugh and forget about drama in the house.

Sipe was also in good spirits, especially after Biggie greeted her in her mother tongue. She told Biggie she had become more confident in the house and was learning to stand up for what she believed in. Nhlanhla said he had his energy back and Kacey Moore was also doing well and spoke of "my best friend Ellah."

More friendly feelings were discussed when Butterphly was in the diary room. She said she was now cool with Mr. 265, although he played mind games. She said she really cared about him, but felt he was not in the right place. When it was his turn in the diary room he did look a little worse for wear, saying that he was not feeling well.

It was good to see Luis in high spirits again, and he spoke passionately to Biggie. He was inspired by how far he had pushed himself, saying he was starting to squash his negative voice and listening to the positive. Frankie was also optimistic, telling Biggie that his time in the house was a learning curve and he had already grown.

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