Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Diary Sessions: Ready Or Not?

The diary sessions continued with Esther, looking radiant in a sunshine yellow dress that caught Biggie's attention. Contemplating the task presentation, she felt some housemates were reluctant to work. Esther was not comfortable mentioning names, even though we know this is what Big Brother wanted. He egged her on and she eventually pinpointed those she felt were working hard and compensating for the lack of effort from the others.

Tayo confessed he hadn't felt prepared for the presentation, but after the morning's session with Clint Brink he felt more motivated. Mira also found Clint's session helpful, and was eager to model for M'am Bea and start dancing for Africa, despite her stage fright.

Permithias, confident as ever, was nevertheless perturbed about his cracking voice. As far as the rest of the housemates were concerned, he worried about a general lack of focus around the presentation, but Big Brother sent him off with words of encouragement.

Arthur gave a more collaborative picture of their effort, saying they were ready to move. The only challenge was the melting pot of creativity, steadily brimming over as 26 housemates vied for centre stage.  Idris was feeling the pressure about performing a hidden talent, but felt confident that the end result would be a good one.

M'am Bea was equally positive about putting the show together. Big Brother tried to push buttons, by asking who she felt was contributing the most, but she easily answered that she felt the honour went to JJ. Goitse and Kacey Moore were even more positive, saying that everyone had their A game on.

Samantha noticed the covert competitive streak between the housemates, but remarked that she still felt an awesome vibe, feeling she could be herself. However, as Biggie pointed out, it's only the first week and Samantha admitted the tension would rise.

Sheillah, feeling slightly moody, was being "ticked off by small things" and confessed to disagreement amongst the housemates, regarding the presentation's opening act. Laveda, Big Brother felt, was going from strength to strength as head of house, and assured Biggie that the housemates were starting to pull together for the show, despite hesitancy about last-minute changes. Sabina said everyone would be entertained and should "expect the unexpected". Ellah, last in, had to be pulled out of rehearsal to talk to Biggie, feeling out of breath.

There is a positive attitude overall, but there are a few hiccoughs, especially as the pressure mounted and Biggie reminded them they had made a 100% wager. How will the housemates fare tonight? Will they impress Biggie and the rest of Africa?

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