Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Diary Sessions: Ready & Set For Tonight!

The mood in the house is very positive amongst the housemates with regards to their performances tonight. The feeling is mutual that they will win the wager. Biggie has offered the housemates props to work with and it will be exciting to see what the housemates put together.

In the diary room today, housemates assured Biggie that the show will be a great success. Sipe said that her performance was all over the place but promised to be ready in the evening. Luis conveyed mixed emotions as he stated that the competition was getting tougher, especially with bringing something creative to the table. Frankie describes the mood in the house to be jovial as housemates continue to get to know each other.

Nhlanhla told Big Brother that they only need a proper format and a single run of the show in order to see what needs changing. He also pointed out that some housemates are getting tense as they are trying to establish their relevance in the house. He promised Biggie a good show and twirking from Lillian. JJ shared that he loved Esther's energy and said that above everything, he wished housemates would get a general understanding of how to work with each other. He expressed gratitude for Clint Brink in the morning session who reminded them to respect each other.

Butterphly told Biggie that she appreciates today and that everyday has been different. She finds everyone to be so creative. Resa said that she’s been feeling gloomy since the morning session. She also shared that it has been quite challenging to get everyone to work together but believes that they will win the wager. Trezagah was happy to tell Biggie that he is working and coping with the language barrier and is also looking forward to tonight.

Mr. 265 started the day on a low because he didn't get enough sleep. Macky2 was all positive, along with Alusa who always offers Biggie a good dose of energy. Lillian told Biggie than she loved twirking and squeaked out that the housemates would win the wager.

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