Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Diary Sessions: Special Moments, Talent & A Prank Gone Wrong

As the housemates cracked on with their talent posters and performance pieces Big Brother summoned each into the Diary Room for a quick chit-chat on day 2. The creative process is often a demanding one and some time out with Biggie always came in handy.

The housemates were like little Energizer bunnies and those with similar talents and interests gravitated towards each other. This clearly peaked Biggie's interest as it was a trending topic in the Diary Room. He wanted to know what kind of bonds were brewing and between whom.

But Biggie required housemates to work as hard as they played in their various tasks. Having wagered 100% of their allowance they needed to match the stakes and get down to business. Confidence reigned as housemates believed in their efforts so far even though some thought the 100% was terribly ambitious for a first-time wager. 

First in for some alone time with Biggie was Idris and he was just the guy. He confessed that he's noticed the growing chemistry between Nhlanhla and Sheillah. He was also moved by Kacey's breakdown and reckoned he could be strong for his fellow housemate. While Idris sympathised with Kacey, he was far from impressed with Esther's antics and felt she added little value.

When it was Kacey Moore's turn, the soft-centred musician couldn’t hold back the waterworks. So touched was he by his fellow housemates stories' he could barely get anything out. Biggie suspected there was more to it and looked forward to some candid chats with Kacey in the future.

With the rumour mill running about Nhlanhla and Sheillah's friendship, Biggie had some questions for what some housemates had started calling "the couple of the house". Sheillah beamed as she told Biggie that not only did they share a bed but he'd called her his wife. During his diary session Nhlanhla admitted to a special connection with Sheillah.

He also, however, spoke fondly of Mira and said he was happy to get to know them both.

Is it us or did something look uncannily like a love triangle on the horizon?

On the subject of friendships, or lack of friendliness, most housemates weighed in on the prank that Permithias pulled on Lilian and the friction that ensued. Many found the prank to be in bad taste.

In her diary session a stricken-voiced Lilian expressed that she took offence when Perimithias held what seemed to be a used condom out at her, suggesting that it belonged to her. As she squeaked through her session, having lost her voice after last night's festivities, she revealed that she had confronted Permithias and he had apologised.

She also promised Biggie a spectacular performance for the performance task, a piece in which she would twerk her heart out!

Permithias thought his prank would be all in good fun but admitted he failed to consider a few crucial areas and didn’t plan to offend Lilian. For the task he was worried about his voice but his piece was coming along like a dream. 

Sipe, Alusa, Sabina  and Resa walked into the Diary Room with a little something extra. Sipe sent a bag of shout-outs to her family and friends back home while Alusa launched into the Diary Room with huge bouts of energy and brought the session to life with his larger-than-life infectious laugh.

When she stepped into the Diary Room funny lady Sabina had to first stop and admire the d├ęcor before reporting that she reckoned it was a little too early for all the crying and breaking down. She wondered if it wasn’t all part of a strategy.

Resa spoke of herself in the third person through her session, confessing that she was slightly perturbed by all the yelling and screaming while she and others tried to get some shut-eye. We most certainly look forward to the showcase of her royal talents.

The sentiment was telling; the housemates, while nervous about their wager, were already putting a 100% in to get 100% out.

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