Monday, October 20, 2014

Diary Sessions: Thanking Africa

Sunday's evictions were one of the hot topics discussed in today's diary sessions. Many housemates expressed their shock at the results, as well as their gratitude to Africa for keeping them in.

Butterphly told Big Brother that the evictions were horrible; while Tayo said he missed Lilian and Esther, but also thanked Africa and Nigeria that they voted for him.

Permithias also thanked Africa, and said he had made peace with his previous nomination, but hoped he was not up this week. Biggie asked him what he thought of the nickname "Promiscuos", to which he answered that he was used to nicknames, but that the intent behind this one was misguided. However, as only Permithias could, he said it was a role he had been given, so he may as well play it. Luis said losing the three ladies came as a blow, and that Esther always brightened his day; but he was grateful to Namibia and Africa for saving his fellow countryman.

Head of House was another thing Big Brother wanted to know about. There was a mixed response from the housemates about Nhlanhla in the position, with Butterphly telling Biggie she was bummed, because she wanted Ellah to win. Frankie, however, said he  would be able to execute the role.

Luis shared a tender moment with Big Brother, telling him how humbled he was by the praise he had received from his team members about his work in the extravaganza. He said the others had complimented him on his writing and directing, and he now "felt worthy of something."

But it all came back to the game, with Nhlanhla saying his strategy had to adapt to the situation. He was referring to Sheillah, of course, pointing out she was still part of his strategy, but there were blurred lines within that. Trezagah marked Mr. 265, Tayo, JJ and Laveda as his friends, while Butterphly said no one could be trusted anymore. Will we see trust broken down this week? Who do you think will be the first to cross the line?

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