Friday, October 17, 2014

Dirty Dishes

M'am Bae was very upset over unwashed dishes in the sink. She recalled Sheillah saying that she wanted to be excluded from meals because she wanted to avoid having to wash dishes. Lilian, Arthur, and Alusa all agreed with M'am Bea that Sheillah's request did not make sense because she lived in the same house as they did and would also use the same cups and plates as they used.

Alusa said that it was like saying that one would not sit in the lounge so to avoid cleaning up. He reiterated M'am Bea by stating that Sheillah could not easily exclude herself from house duties as though she did not live in the house. Esther chipped in and said that she cleaned the bathroom and ablutions everyday regardless of whether or not she was on duty. The housemates clearly showed dissatisfaction with the manner in which house duties were being attended to.

Moments after M'am Bea's venting, Samantha brought the issue up again with the boys exercising outside. She directly spoke to the culprit's 'husband', Nhlanhla, about the cleaning problem. Nhlanhla said that he hated the bickering over the cleaning roster and in effort to curb it, he always helped out in the kitchen with the dishes and cooking because he loves clean spaces. We wonder what Nhlanhla thinks of his 'wife' then... Samantha assured the boys outside that she would call a meeting to address the problem.

Housemates started off their day with some smooth Bollywood dance moves for their morning activity. They seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the session as they paired up to practice the moves. With the Extravaganza only a day away, we hope that the housemates focused well enough to know which moves to incorporate in their dance routines and how to blend them in. Some housemates went to shower and others continued exercising. How will this week's HoH handle the issue of dirty dishes?


  1. sheillah is a lazy

  2. shiella if u r lazy you nt wlcm here in SA