Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ellah Turns 24

Ellah has turned a year older today. It was indeed unfortunate that she had to land in the nominations puddle again but the birthday girl greeted the day with a smile.

After breaking in down on the Zumba workout floor she was treated to a pampering and pruning session from the fashion guru herself M’am Bea. Every girl deserves to be spoilt on her birthday because she is simply worth it.

A Libra – and air sign – there was always a sophisticated air about the Ugandan beauty queen, an air with a scent of perfume, par for the course. According to her star sign she has a social and loyal nature with a penchant towards curiosity. Under the rule of Venus, Ellah does best in soothing and beautiful surrounds and would be best suited at a beauty spa in the heavenly hands of a masseuse, a huge tip for her secret admirer Frankie here.  

Her fierce alter ego, Stella was getting ready to come out and play today.

Sharing a birthday with birthday with media darling Kim Kardashian, the trait for beauty is unmistakable. We could only hope that she takes a page out of her celebrity birthday twins book and make use of her opportunities in the house.

Many more beautiful suns to the reigning Miss Uganda. 


  1. Hapy birthdai to Ellah..now she shud play de game,dis Miss Ug thing its gettin to us.
    We r tired..

  2. Its not her fault that she is miss Uganda.I luv her thou n I luv Samantha too.

  3. Its her character that says it all.idris should conquer ellah. We will have elladris.