Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ellah Worried About Her Single Status

Ellah was very happy with her birthday cake from Biggie. The Ugandan princess jumped up in joy and screamed all the way to the store room, where her "little something" was placed. The housemates were excited along with her, gave her hugs and sung her a happy birthday song once again.

She exclaimed that she was beaming with so much excitement and joy. But soon after the cake-eating was done, Ellah settled down near the Jacuzzi and started lamenting about her begotten state of being single. Just last week she had a similar conversation with Sabina (who was evicted last week Sunday) whilst lying on Kacey Moore's chest. The 24-year-old lady was fretting about being single and not having a partner. She said that she worried about when her partner would come as she also needed time to investigate and assess the character.

Idris was nearby to lend an ear and as Ellah sadly continued with her lamentations, he played with her hair, caressing her face and telling her not to worry. Could Idris be paving way for himself in birthday girl’s heart? Idris asked when she had come to the decision of wanting to settle down with somebody and Ellah said that she had been through situations that changed her mind about a lot of things.

In no time, Idris started humming Permithias' Zulu song which praises and reveals feelings for a girl. Although Ellah may have not understood the lyrics, could it be that he was somehow speaking to her through the song? Idris has seemingly been doing well in staying clear of Goitse as he believed the pretty lady from Botswana was two-faced. What will become of Ellah desires? Let's hope that she finds love soon, who knows, it could be in Biggie's house.


  1. This lady is the sexiest housemate.u hav my vote

  2. i love her style she really does appreciate just see how she was happy w her BD gift from biggie