Sunday, October 19, 2014

Eviction Day Nerves

Eviction day has come around yet again and preparations for the night are underway with the nominees getting their hair done in the garden apart from Ellah, who is unaware that Head of House Samantha, put her up for eviction as well. She was seen dancing her worries away to Biggie's music in the garden with other housemates.

There is a nervous atmosphere in the house, with everyone waiting in anticipation to see who will go home tonight but the greater worry for most housemates is whether or not they were nominated by Samantha.

After two weeks in the house, housemates' true colours are starting to come out we can't wait to see what tonight's eviction will do to the mood and the relationships in the house. Ellah and Esther from Uganda, Lilian and Tayo from Nigeria, Frankie from Rwanda, JJ from Zimbabwe, Laveda from Tanzania, Sabina from Kenya and Nambia's Permithias are the 9 housemates up for possible eviction tonight.

During a chat with Laveda, Trezagah predicted that Esther and Permithias are most likely to be evicted because Esther tends to shout and do things without thinking while Permithias has never been to America but speaks like an American, yet Africa likes to hear African sound. What are your thoughts? Who do you think will get the boot tonight or who do you want to stay in the house?


  1. Laveda and jj should go. I love Esther, she's too real and entertaining.....

  2. Esther is too loud,she shud go..Ellah doesnt hv any role n Lillian coz Nigers are goin to save Tayo.

  3. JJ and esther off they go......
    Jj is such a hipo and esther is sooo loud.

  4. Ella may as well leave, one of the niger may also leave to9t its hard to predict anyway. All in all how i wish to see permithias and jj leaving... off they gooooooo

  5. Ellah must go home cz she'z boring

  6. Ellah to go home 🏠