Sunday, October 26, 2014

Eviction Jitters Set In

The hairdressers entered the grounds of Big Brother's house earlier this morning and set up in the garden. As soon as the doors opened, Permithias went straight outside and was the first to get his hair done. In no time Laveda joined him and told the hairdressers that she wanted to have her weave off. Ellah, who had been talking to Kacey Moore about her anxiety over being evicted, also joined Permithias and Laveda outside and asked for her weave to be taken out as well.

Up for eviction this Sunday are seven housemates: Laveda, Permithias, Ellah, M'am Bea, Alusa, JJ and Macky2. Nhlanhla was the eighth housemate that had been nominated but became immune after he had won the title of Head of House. Anxiety over the looming evictions was first expressed by Ellah to her "big brother", Kacey Moore and whilst the rest of the nominated housemates have not explicitly expressed worry over being evicted, one can only assume what went on in the minds.

It was hard to tell what M'am Bea felt as she danced happily in the kitchen as she washed dishes in the morning. Sheillah told Biggie in the diary room that she reckoned Alusa was nervous about the evictions even though he had been pretending not to be bothered. Could Alusa have been letting off steam when he lifted weights with JJ in the garden? The Kenyan gentleman sweat buckets as he pumped some serious iron with JJ who may also have been letting off some steam.

Macky2 did not seem at all phased. The calm and quiet Zambian rapper was seen going about his business and we wonder what his feelings and thoughts were about the evictions. With only a few more hours to the live show, we also became anxious to see which team would claim victory over the Extravaganza.

Are you also feeling anxious about today's eviction show?

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