Thursday, October 23, 2014

Extravaganza: Pantomime!

This week's Extravaganza theme is 'Pantomime'. The theme depicts a comedic play in a child-like setting. The type of play incorporates some singing, dancing and acting. The lead role in a Pantomime is always male but Biggie wants a woman to play the role. He said that there may be other roles played by the opposite gender. The housemates were requested by Biggie to stage a Pantomime extravaganza with the mentioned elements in mind.

The head of house had to select 11 fellow housemates to form Team A and the remaining housemates would form Team B. Nhlanhla selected: Sheillah, Alusa, Laveda, Luis, Macky2, Mr. 265, Kacey Moore, Arthur, Samantha and Permithias. So the remaining housemates: Tayo, Frankie, Luis, Ellah, Idris, Goitse, Butterphly, M'am Bea, Trezagah, Sipe and JJ formed Team B.

The themes provided were "Forest Fantasy" and "Candy land". Team A chose the Forest Fantasy theme while Team B chooses the Candy Land theme.

For the Forest fantasy theme, Biggie explained that the team would have a stage with forest-like set pieces, have green grass on the floor, a forest-like backdrop and would have to use glitter, face paint and various small props that they would be provided with. For the Candy Land theme, the team would have a stage with over-sized sweets as set pieces, a Candy Land back drop and would also have to use glitter, face paint and props that they would also be provided with.

The housemates have to develop and add the week's fashion, hair and make-up designs to create characters for the Pantomime Extravaganza. Big Brother will provide a stage, set pieces and a backdrop, along with a few items with which to enhance the costumes. Biggie would also supply appropriate background music.

As part of the Extravaganza task, housemates have to write their own songs and provide their own musical support for their songs. Biggie expects the housemates to immediately begin the preparations after he had called them out to the garden where teams would roll a dice in order to decide which team would work on which theme. Teams will then have their themes interpreted for them and soon after, would begin working on their presentations.

It will be another week of absolute hard work as teams fight to win immunity for the next week.