Saturday, October 18, 2014

Extravaganza: Which Team Will Emerge Victorious?

It's that time again when housemates put final touches to their extravaganza task preparations. The theme for this week is Bollywood and housemates are required to put up sensual, musical and dramatic performances tonight.

After intense rehearsals throughout the day, both teams seem well prepped and ready to show Africa what they've got. Team A members include: HoH Samantha, Kacey Moore, JJ, Esther, Laveda, Nhlanhla, Lilian, Ellah, Idris, Alusa, Permithias and M'am Bea.

While Team B is made up of Arthur, Butterphly, Frankie, Macky2, Mr. 265, Goitse, Luis, Sipe, Sabina, Sheillah, Tayo and Trezagah.

Unlike last week which saw the HoH's team getting into numerous fights during rehearsals which contributed to their loss, this week they have embraced unity and everything seems to be moving on well, no wonder most team members acknowledged during their diary sessions that they're confident about winning this time around.

According to the extravaganza rules, the winning team will be immune to nominations next week but the new Head of House can choose to put up a housemate from any of the teams.

After two days of preparations, we assume the Hotshots are ready for the challenge but between Team A and B, which team do you think will win this week?