Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Final Touches

The housemates have been hard at work with the Biggie's latest task. This time around it's all about dance as the housemates have to prepare a modern dance routine that they will battle the other group with. Big brother has provided equipment for housemates to select their battle song of choice from the various tracks provided.

Since the task was unleashed, the housemates have been hard at work with their tasks. Dance instructors have taken over the morning exercise routines to further equip the housemates with some dance moves that they could incorporate into their routines. Big Brother expects housemates to give 100% and as artists, expects them to understand how important hard work is.

This afternoon, Caitlin Swanepoel and Daniel Swanepoel from DS Productions came into the house to help the housemates with the final touches to their dance routine. They helped with defining 'modern dance' and thereafter helped the housemates with smoothing out and coordinating their routine.

Caitlin worked with the Red Team: (consisting of Samantha, Idris, Sheillah, Nhlanhla, Luis, Arthur, Trezagah, JJ and Macky2, Butterphly) and Daniel worked with the Blue Team: (consisting of Goitse, Ellah, Sipe, Esther, Sabina, Mr. 265, Lilian, Tayo, Alusa, Permithias, Frankie and Laveda). The two teams were left feeling a little more confident with their performances and are confident that they will win the wager.

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