Friday, October 10, 2014

First Hotshots Party Goes Off With A Bang

The moment we'd all been waiting for finally pulled into the landing strip. The Hotshots party was well underway and the housemates were ready to tear the dance floor to shreds.

Decked in their finest and freakiest all they needed was a glass of something spicy and sparkly with a selection of sexy tunes to wash down their worries.

Not that this animated bunch had any, but Biggie surely came correct. When the housemates descended into the Channel O party pad the one only DJ Xclusive was ready with the sexiest playlist.

With the drinks flowing like a fountain with no end in sight, this was certainly not a party to be missed. The alcohol aroused some rear dropping and waist shaking moves from the guys and gals with Lilian aptly mounting her twerking podium.

Housemate were dripping beads of sweat and glistening under the kaleidoscope of disco lights and they shimmied and swayed to their hearts content. Nhlanhla moved particularly close to Mira's booty popping but Sheillah was always around, swaying her hips towards him and marking her territory. Of course Luis kept his Mira as the newly object of his afftection.

Sabina, in her crown, waved her wand this way and that while JJ and Laveda frisked about the dance floor in a suggestive set of moves. Tayo in his dark shades and Goitse in her figure-hugging ensemble oozed of ultra-coolness.

There wasn't a steamier dance floor than that!

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