Wednesday, October 22, 2014

First Wager Loss

Despite delivering a fashion show like no other, dripping a kaleidoscope of African colour, charisma and sensibilities, the Hotshots have lost their 100% wager!

The theme for this week's tasks was fashion, hair and make-up because once again a Hotshot had to come in a full package, decked out with no flair spared. Big Brother provided the housemates with sketch pads and stationery to start their designs and conceptualisations. He also brought in professionals to help the housemates with the task.

However, when Big Brother gives housemates a task he looks at the whole package. It is particularly important to him that housemates show consistency in preparing the tasks over the course of the week. This, he felt, they did not do and after wagering an overconfident 100%, their efforts shouldn't have been equivalent and more.

Biggie also reckoned their old passion was amiss with some waiting till the eleventh hour to put together their outfits. For that they would have to forfeit a week of luxuries in their budget.

There was also the problem of bad behaviour. Biggie took issue with the how housemates failed to welcome guests that were invited to impart more industry skill and insight to them. The incident when make-up artist Joyce Jacob came to mind.

When the time came for the housemates to show a level of courtesy towards the industry professional they tore south. From the boys flirting shamelessly to the spat between Tayo and Laveda, housemates certainly forgot their manners at the door and Biggie was not impressed with this to say the least.

This is all a shame judging by the final fashion show event itself. Models Sheillah, Laveda, Sipe, Frankie and Nhlanhla stood out as they paraded costume after costumer with aplomb. Kacey Moore and Sheillah’s duet and later on his poem over Alusa’s strumming gave the show an intimate and cosy atmosphere.

We also appreciated the proudly African MC style of Butterphly and Mr.265. The pair carried the show and gave it meaning through their praises and chants. A job well done to them!

While it was indeed tough luck, their first wager loss would serve to sober them up and understand that Biggie expected only the best. You win some, you lose some.

Do you think it was a fair judgment or did they deserve to win?


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