Friday, October 24, 2014

Forgiven, But Not Forgotten

After the fight Frankie had with Tayo, the former shared with Big Brother during his diary session that he had made up with the Nigerian and that their relationship was back to normal but after exiting the Diary room, the Rwandan rep continued protesting over the incident though his protests were only kept to himself and Alusa.

The two men sat down and Frankie said that he was not happy with Tayo's behavior and insensitive approach to the game because it was leaving other people hurt and in compromising situations. Frankie was also worried about the impression he was giving his son since he was his role model.

Alusa chipped in and advised him to watch his back and mind who he talks to in the house. The Kenya stressed to Frankie that he shouldn't allow Tayo to use him and applauded him for standing his ground during the fight. "You should not allow him to use you as his door mat," Alusa reasoned.

With all these protests, one wonders whether Frankie has really forgotten all about the fight. His relationship with Tayo could still be on the rocks, we’ll just keep a close eye on these two for now.

What did you make of the fight?


  1. they shuld jux admit it, tayo is a threat to dem, simple!!!

  2. You guy should leave Tayo alone. when he smile you guys complain. He is blessed believe it or not.