Thursday, October 30, 2014

Free Massages

Today was characterised by the boys getting some extra attention from the girls. JJ, Permithias, Tayo and Trezagah were spoilt rotten with massages from the ladies in the house. And they thoroughly enjoyed them! Meanwhile, no guy in the house offered any of the ladies a gentle touch; what happened to our gentlemen?

The first lucky guy was head of house, JJ. Samantha spoilt the Zimbabwean singer with a pleasant massage and there's no denying that he indeed enjoyed it. The ever-so-smitten JJ had a good couple of minutes with his favourite girl on his back. It seemed the two had worked out their differences and were back on good terms. Good for them!

The second lucky guy was Permithias who had his massage at the same time as JJ. Butterphly was awake (luckily) and treated Permithias to a solid massage. The two have been drawing closer to each other since yesterday in the morning when she opened up to him and broke down a little. Perhaps Permithias deserved his massage for being there for Butterphly and allowing her to open up.

Trezagah, one of the best rappers in the house, was almost put to sleep by M'am Bea's massage. The rapper could not believe how relaxed he felt and thanked M'am Bea for being so kind. Tayo was the last of the boys to receive a massage. He made every sound you could imagine as Ellah did magic on his back. He praised her for relaxing him.

What did these boys do to deserve such love from the ladies?

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