Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween Party Tonight!

It's Halloween and Big Brother has a spooky party planned for the housemates. He made the announcement in the diary room and everyone got very excited. It was amusing to see, because they had completely lost track of the days after almost a month in the house.

Biggie wanted to know about the Extravaganza preparations and housemates were very vocal after this morning’s tension, especially within Team A. Sipe, who said she was having a bad hair day, was unhappy that people in her team did not want to liaise. But housemates would not let the friction get them down, because they are only hours away from the Jameson Halloween Party.

Halloween is also known as All Saints' Eve and is dedicated to commemorating the dead, especially martyrs and saints. It is celebrated in a variety of ways from chuch services and lighting candles on graves to carving jack-o’-lanterns and going trick-or-treating. Dressing in costumes is also a big part of the occassion and traditionally includes figures like vampires, ghosts, witches, skeletons and monsters.

Keeping to the theme of the day, Big Brother asked housemates what spooked them. Sipe was scared of zombies, while Butterphly said she was spooked by eerie things like hearing a baby cry in the dead of night. Big Brother’s voice getting serious made Luis shake in his shoes, and Trezagah was scared of Freddy Krueger.

Who knows what tricks and treats Big Brother has in store for the housemates tonight; but it's sure to be a sensationally spooky night in the house and fans are geared for action!

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