Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Has Lilian Really Lost Her Voice Or Is It A Ploy?

Since morning broke Lillian has seemingly lost her voice. After the morning session, she has been heard squeaking at the top of her voice and subsequently irritating Big Brother Africa fans. Has she really lost her voice or is she faking it? Is this a ploy of some sort?

Some of the housemates have said to have been losing their voices over the few days that they have been in the house. Tonight we will see how some of them will cope. Permithias sounds as though he could use with some kind of remedy for his throat, should he plan on singing his lungs out tonight.

The housemates have gathered up and are doing final preparations for tonight. Kacey Moore and JJ have taken the responsibility of being the leadership in coordinating the roll-out of tonight's show and also making sure that housemates have their performances ready. Everyone is clearly working together in ensuring that the show tonight is well done and impresses Biggie. Butterphly is proving to be quite impressive as the host of the television show that she’s been playing out with the housemates.

The ladies are busy with their make-up and props and everyone has their bit to do to make sure that Biggie is impressed. What are the chances that the housemates will win their 100% wager tonight?

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