Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hidden Personas

The mood in the house was tense after an eventful night, what with broken doors and plenty of tears. It's a big day for the housemates with the upcoming Extravaganza, and they still have Big Brother's food deal to abide to.

Despite an early workout with Reggie Skosana, the housemates had a slow start to the day, distracted with conversation about the previous night. Laveda opted to go back to bed to sleep off her hangover and perhaps hide from her suspicious antics in the bedroom and Jacuzzi. Idris was still upset about the night before, muttering darkly to his fellow housemates.

Frankie and Tayo looked like they were trying to patch things up, getting a conversation going in the kitchen. Had Frankie gotten over his anger towards Tayo, or was he still harbouring feelings of resentment?

Tongues were flapping all over the house, not only about the night before, but about personalities in the house. Samantha, JJ and Permithias spoke about their many layers, with the latter professing he was actually a marshmallow inside, but unwilling to let people see that side of him. JJ, meanwhile, admitted he may have overreacted about his nomination.

Fans have picked their favourites and decided who they think is real. However, housemates have revealed interesting sides to their personalities that we never knew they had. Often popping up during parties, the housemates really let themselves go on Friday nights. Who do you think will surprise Africa next with a hidden layer?

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