Monday, October 13, 2014

HoH Task Qualification: Needle In A Haystack

Monday mornings are never easy, and for the housemates it's an equally frustrating time, because it means waiting to compete for the title of head of house. The extravaganza-winning team are immune from nomination, but becoming head of house also exempts the winning housemate from eviction for the week.

It may sound meaningless to Team Waka Waka, because they won the extravaganza and are already immune. This is something one would think the Green Pepper team were a lot more desperate to win. The twist is, that the new head of house has the luxury of putting anyone up for eviction, even someone from the winning team.

Laveda had a good run as head of house, impressing Biggie with her leadership skills. She had a tough time of it when she had to pick her team for the extravaganza, resulting in raised eyebrows and hostile grumbles from those she did not choose. They need not have worried, as her team ended up losing. But she handled it with grace, and overall the housemates had been happy with her in the position.

When it came to the task for the second week’s head of house, Biggie displayed his sly sense of humour by introducing a qualifying round to the task. Housemates were made to search and scramble through hay bales in order to, literally, find the needle in the haystack. Once they found the needle, they had to step back and raise their arms, displaying the needle. There were five needles hidden in these particular bales of hay, and the five housemates who found them – Nhlanhla, Tayo, Kacey Moore, Alusa and Samantha  – qualified for participation in the head of house task.

After frantically scratching through the hay, they moved back inside the house. It was an anxiety-ridden moment, because whoever wins the head of house task will have any votes cast against them nullified, securing their place in the Big Brother Africa house for another week.

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